Error hiding the admin panel using the plugin iThemes Security with SSL.


I'm using the Plugin iThemes Security on my network. I use to hide the Panel feature. I will replace the / wp-login and / wp-admin by / nslogin. Everything was working well. After I installed SSL in my domain is occurring the following error:

1) The user accesses https: // my_site / nslogin
2) After entering the username and password it is directed to Page not found.
3) It accesses again https: // my_site / nslogin and login is done automatically without the need to enter the username and password.

I realized that when the user enters login and password in step 1 using https it is directed to http: // my_site / wp-admin. That is, it is directed to wp-admin without the https. For this reason this occurs the error noted above. It's probably some redirection setting in the plugin Ithemes Secuity. Maybe some configuration in the database. But I do not know how to solve it.

Can someone help me?