Error in CustomPress Plugin 'Undefined index...'

I am currently getting multiple errors, warnings and notices on multiple screens in the Custom Press plugin...

The following is on the display for a Taxonomy I created:
Notice: Undefined index: public in /Library/WebServer/Documents/EIAB_CORE_SYSTEM/wp-content/plugins/custompress/ui-admin/taxonomies.php on line 106

When I try to create a Custom Post Type the entire column of EP Masks are throwing these notices too:
Notice: Undefined index: ep_mask in /Library/WebServer/Documents/EIAB_CORE_SYSTEM/wp-content/plugins/custompress/ui-admin/add-post-type.php on line 626

I have this plugin installed on another site and I am not seeing this error. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, but the issue still persists.