Error in Domain Mapping Plugin

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that I have had an error occur on 2 different networks with this plugin.

The symptoms were exactly the same, the super admin would log into the network admin area and it would call EVERY SITE on the ENTIRE NETWORK.

This spiked my usage and got me kicked off of Hostgator (not a bad thing), and spiked my usage on a dedicated server from .70% all the way up to 11% usage for a VERY small network of 500 sites.

Here is what the coder has found:

When I debug the Domain Mapping plugin, I realize that it request to all domain on the system to generate the auto login. That's is not necessary for admin, so I disabled it.

I thought you guys would want to know so that you can fix this and have it not be an issue on future installs.