Error in Easy Blogging Wizard with saving, adding or deleting any steps

Using Wordpress 3.1 in a multisite set up have found the following issue with the Easy Blogging Wizard - we are unable to save any changes, add any new steps or remove steps to the blogging wizard steps setup.

We have traced this down to some apparent issue with wp_verify_nonce never validating, thus these checks before allowing the changes to be saved:

if (! wp_verify_nonce($_POST['_wpnonce'], 'easy_admin_wizard-update-options') ) die(__('Whoops! There was a problem with the data you posted. Please go back and try again.',$this->localizationDomain));

e.g. occurs on lines 421, 431, 468 of the file easy_blogging_wizard.php

... they always fail and so changes cannot be saved. You always get the pop up message "Whoops! There was a problem...etc.etc." when trying to make any changes to the steps in the wizard. When the lines are commented out, then changes are saved and the rest of the plug in appears to work normally.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, do you know of any proper resolution (we don't like commenting out this security check as a long term workaround)?

elsewhere throughout the WP admin, wp_verify_nonce is working fine and we have not encountered any form posts or such failing to work that require this validation.