Error in giving title to post type


I have just installed this plugin and when I am creating new post type, it says that I have to use only latin symbols for it, when my network is in Georgian language.

Is it unsolvable problem?

One idea - maybe that plug-in will work with it, I don't remember name, which renames words everywhere to new words (you type which words to rename to what).

ANYWAY, I have tested it myself and it works, just curious about if it will make any troubles in future or not.

Two more questions:

1) Text Change plugin changes text only in admin panel, or in front-sites too?
2) If yes, than it's bad in my case, but another idea - my network is new and there aren't blogs yet, so if I'd create all post types I want and "translate" them using this plugin, they will be translated and it won't affect blogs (as they aren't yet registered), but will it change this text on blogs in future? I mean, does this plugin effect on PAST, or on future too?