Error in WPMU DEV dashboard plugin

Hi, I have installed WPMU Dev Dashboard on a website ( but there's no way to activate it blog by blog. It does not appears in the blogs plugins, only shows in the admin panel. I tryed to activate it on the network, and deactivate. On both cases it continue to not show up in the blog list.

WP 4.2.4

  • Anang
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    Hi Dyego

    Thanks for contacting us :slight_smile:

    WPMUDEV Dashboard purpose is to help Website owner to connect to our services like plugins, themes, support access, latest activity , all the features that Website Owner need :slight_smile: . That's why the Dashboard only appear in Network Admin instead in blogs in network, as we don't want the users have access to it, only Super Admin can have access to it.

    May I know why you want to enable the Dashboard on your blogs network ?

    Best Regards

  • Dyego
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    I tought that on multisite network there was an option to install it to automatically update and install the plugins on the network. But the only option I have is to "network activate", and it make the plugin available in every subpage. That's exactly what I don't want to.

  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey Dyego,

    Hope you're doing well this weekend!

    The Dashboard should only be showing in your network admin.

    It won't be accessible by anyone else other than your super admin, unless you define their user ID in the constant for your wp-config.php we made available:

    define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER', '1, 10');

    "1" and "10" refer to the user ID's that can see the WPMU DEV dashboard. If you don't use that constant then only your super admin that you activated the plugin with can see it.

    So, just to recap, even though it's network activated - only your super admin should be able to see it :slight_smile:

    Are you saying that your users are able to see the WPMU DEV dashboard?



    I tought that on multisite network there was an option to install it to automatically update and install the plugins on the network.

    Yes, it makes installing and updating plugins as simple as just 1-click on both multisites and single sites. On multisites it must be network activated.

  • Dyego
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    OK! Now it's very clear. I tought that the admins of each subsite could see the admin dashboard, because I was seeing it. But You have explained that perfectly.

    That info it's on the "usage" menu of the plugin?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Awesome! Glad that cleared it up :slight_smile:

    Yes, a lot of that information and more is available on the usage page:

    The constants are listed there as well, so if you ever need that constant I posted above and forget where this post is then you can just grab it from the usage guide :slight_smile:

    If you have any further questions just let us know.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    All the best,

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