Error "install package not available"

Hi team

I have been g.etting the following error message for over a week now, and have been doing a number of tests before logging this ticket.

Error message: "Install package not available"

My testing includes the following:

- Downloading the install file for the WPMU Dev Dashboard and manually installing
- Deleting my domain from my cpanel and deleting the directory off my server that this domain was associated with
- Creating a new sub domain called

All of the above result in the same error message. I am however able to install a theme from the WPMU dashboard. The error message only appears when I try to install plugins from the dashboard.

I have discovered the Support Access tab and have enabled this feature and happy to grant access to this domain for troubleshooting if required.

I'd appreciate if you could investigate this issue and advise how I can resolve this across all of my domains.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Anna Brown