Error log does not display any message

Hey guys,
Am not sure why but I have an error log in my root directory that shows the event times but does not list that actual error that is happening. Is this normal?

[20-Oct-2018 23:00:52 UTC]
[20-Oct-2018 23:01:09 UTC]
[22-Oct-2018 04:48:11 UTC]
[22-Oct-2018 04:48:11 UTC]
[28-Oct-2018 01:57:00 UTC]
[29-Oct-2018 07:17:31 UTC]

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Baldafrican

    I hope you're fine today!

    It's unusual but not necessarily "weird". It's possible that there's some code on site (in theme or some plugin or a part of some custom code) that's just calling "error_log()" function (or similar) but has just nothing to output.

    That could often be e.g. a "leftover" after some debugging or even some "oversimplified" debugging function enabled in some plugin. Have you check if any of the plugins has such "debugging" feature and if it's enabled? Do you recall any code that might have been "troubleshooted" (on a code level)?

    Best regards,

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