error log showing repetitive errors that I would like to address

Hello, My production site is getting the following error repetitively and I would like to try and fix them but not sure where to start.I am not sure how to use log level debug to get a backtrace as the error suggests. My identical staging site does not get these errors.

[Mon Jun 06 07:47:12.546656 2016] [core:error] [pid 17547] [client] AH00124: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel debug’ to get a backtrace.

I checked in with support with my host and this is what he said: “Usually it’s an issue with a domain set on a multisite site with the primary domain of the multisite or it not being concurrent with what’s on the wp_blogs table. Issue is though it’s not saying what is triggering this error…..

Any guidance would be appreciated. thanks