Error: Manifest data not found in archive

Plugin Information:

instruction to migrate a site to another site/multisite:

1. Basically there is a need to make a manual snapshot. Choose specific option and then click V on all of them
2. In Olam Kasum, the site is stored on: home1/danay/public_html/
3. Install theme, plugins and only then restore with snapshot

Not working: question

I am trying to transfer a wp site to a multisite as a subsite for the first time, however it is not working. This is what I did:

1. I made a snapshot of the site I need to migrate
2. Uploaded (manually) to dropbox
3. shared the dropbox link

4. I went to the multisite and opened a new subsite
5. I went to the main multisite dashboard: Snapshots > Import > inserted the dropbox link

I receive the following error message:

PHP max_execution_time : 900s
Attempting to download remote file : [ Link Removed ]
1. Processing archive: (196.34kb)
o Error: Manifest data not found in archive.
Snapshot import complete

Where did I go wrong?