error message after install and activate plugin(s)


Just a few moments ago, I have installed 3 new plugins through the WPMU Dashboard.

I clicked on Install and it went through ok, and I got the popup that offers me to activate the installed plugin. I clicked on Activate and after a few seconds, got an error message at the top of the page, which says "error" on one hand, but "status: ok" on the other hand (see the attached screenshot image here).

When I refresh this page, or go directly to the plugins page, I see that the plugin was successfully installed and activated. So I don't understand why I'm getting this "error" message suddenly.

I should mention that I'm working with WPMU on quite a few sites that I have today and each of them has at least 4 of your plugins. Until today, all of them were successfully installed and activated.

Btw, in this case I'm talking about the Ultimate Branding, Google Analytics and HTML Email Templates plugins, but I don't think it's because these specific plugins...