Error message: Please, enter correct Facebook API settings

My Ultimate Facebook plugin doesn't seem to work.

When I first installed, I was able to get about halfway through (Like/Send button config), but then it reloaded and showed me the broken API settings message mentioned below where, previously, it was working.

I did NOT make a change to my API key or secret key during setup.

I get an error message, "Please, enter correct Facebook API settings."

I followed the guide mentioned here,

I did some googling, but the results didn't contain a successful answer.

I've tried the plugin on another site - didn't work from the start.
I tried disabling all other plugins (I have very few).
I tried getting and inputting a new secret key.

As mentioned above, I did follow the guide exactly (set up facebook with correct domain, etc).

I emailed godaddy about cURL settings and they confirmed that it's installed by default.

I'm hosting with and my site is

So, I'd love a patch or hotfix as it seems I'm not the first person to run into the issue.


EDIT/Update: I'm using WordPress 3.6.