Error messages when testing user login and lost password

I get a "Request failed" error when I tried to login to my dummy account (also while requesting a lost password). How can I fix this?Also, for the log in message, where can I make the change because I cannot find a place in the dashboard for the setting?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Christopher,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I get a "Request failed" error when I tried to login to my dummy account (also while requesting a lost password). How can I fix this?

    This might be caused by various things so we'd need first to diagnose it. An essential troubleshooting step would be to disable all the plugins first and see if that helps.

    You can do this by following these steps:

    1. Access your site via FTP or cPanel "File Manager" tool
    2. Go to /wp-content/ folder
    3. Rename "plugins" folder to e.g. "plugins_off"
    4. Try accessing the site now and see if the issue still happens.

    If it does, it's not a plugin issue and we'll need to investigate it further. If it doesn't, continue:

    5. After accessing the site go to "Plugins -> All plugins" page; you should see a message that all the plugins were disabled;
    6. Access the server again using FTP or cPanel's "File Manager"
    7. Go to "/wp-content/" folder
    8. Rename "plugins_off" back to "plugins"
    9. Get back to the "Plugins -> All plugins" page in your site's back-end
    10. Start enabling plugin's back one by one; after each single plugin enabled, logout from the site and try to login again; the last plugin that you enabled after the issue happens again would be the one most likely causing the issue.

    Let me know about test result please.

    As for login message. I'm not sure if I correctly understand you but if I do, there's no option to change it in WordPress out of the box. You could, however, use our "Ultimate Branding" plugin to modify the login screen/form look&feel, including labels and error messages.

    You'll find these options in a "Login screen" module of the plugin. Here's more information about the plugin itself:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Christopher,

    I would still strongly suggest going through the conflict test. I should have mentioned in my previous post that the first plugin that you re-activate after disabling them all should be Membership 2 Pro as, if I correctly understand, you're referring to logging in via Membership 2 Pro form on protected page - but still that's the essential step.

    It will either show that the theme or some other plugin is interfering here or it will at least let us exclude any conflicts from the list of potential reasons of the issue.

    Then, depending on test results, we'd continue "digging deeper".

    Best regards,

    • Christopher Pack

      I know the problem now, it's "miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication"; a two-step verification plugin that I had for my admin account. And just to be sure, I tried it twice on that dummy account and both attempts logged in successfully without any error messages.

      The only real problem (well, not really a problem; I just want to be safe). I need a new two-step verification service or plugin for my admin account because I'm kind of big on security. You all wouldn't happen to have one of these too or know a good 3rd party plugin for two step verification? Or do you think I'm better off without one?

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