Error saving changes, In need of IMMEDIATE resolution or subscription will be cancled

Im currently using the Jack & Sara theme and can not save any changes. I have been in contact all week with my host site, Blue Host, they have done everything in their power to resolve this error.

So far i've had them:

1. Increase the "client_max_body_size", this isn't something Blue Host even knew how to do, I couldnt figure it out and my whole coding team could't ether. I'm working alongside a group of coders with their Masters Degree from Harvard with majors in IT... so if all of us & Blue Host couldn't increase the client max body size I don't think it's possible unless you know something we don't.

2. I had Blue Host increase the "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size", this made no difference. They changed the size to 512MB for both the max file size and post size. Again this made no difference.

3. "altering your server's PHP configuration, or setting up a custom php.ini in your site's folder, in the event that altering the main PHP configuration is not an option." -----I was advised this by a staff member via your live chat, I sent it to blue hosts and It made no difference.

4. I was advised by your staff to add this code to my cPanel under .htaccess,

"<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
SecFilterRemove 00318

It made no difference. Blue Host disabled my mod_security and again, no difference.

-----SO with all of those suggestions not making any difference to the error message we get when trying to save I assumed maybe my site was too big for your Upfront editor? I had my coding team look into this and my site isn't large enough for this to be the issue. All my images are being compressed and all my plugins have been extensively tested so I know it's not because of a plugin conflict.

I can't release the site until I finish these edits and as a result I'm loosing money.

I'm a designer not a coder, so this is extremely annoying and frustrating seeing that we didnt expect so many bugs when purchasing your subscription.

I need this issue resolved ASAP or will be forced to take my business else where and pursue a full refund due to the fact that your product wasn't usable.

My coding team, Blue Host, and myself all believe this "error while trying to save your changes" is due to a bug on your guys end. I've attached a image below that shows the message I get. Please get in contact as soon as your able, I currently have granted access to my site.