Error when creating a new blog from dashboard

When I create a new blog from Buddypress, it works fine.

But I just attempted to create a new blog from wp-admin and get this message on the blog:

The blog you have requested is not installed properly. Please contact the system administrator.

When I click to edit the blog I get this on Blog Options (wp_1474_options)

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/thatmlmb/public_html/wp-admin/wpmu-blogs.php on line 147

And line 147 - 149 reads...

foreach ( $options as $key => $val ) {
if( $val['option_name'] == 'default_role' ) {
$editblog_default_role = $val['option_value'];

Any idea how to fix this?

Otherwise, I would love to know how I can delete the subdomain that I can just recreate it from buddypress.