Error with WPMU Membership Plugin - BuddyPress not functioning, Groups missing

Hello there - starting to freak out (seems like a reoccurring thing nowadays lol)! I guess Ill just give a narrative of what happened and what I did and hopefully we can fix this ack!

So I woke up to emails from people saying that in the forums area of the website there was an error. People said that in the "Sitewide Activity" area there were no updates of any kind. The error said "Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter." for all filters.

I went and checked it out and at first saw under the Sitewide Activity screen OLD updates, stuff from yesterday as if it had been frozen in time. For instance, it said someone posted an update 49 minutes ago, when I knew that it had been made yesterday. I then clicked between the filters and suddenly I got the same error that there were no updates to be found.

I thought at first this may be because of the WordPress 7 update release. I tried updating to WordPress 7 but it said installation failed when I tried doing it from the Dashboard. Now I think this is a result of sucuri security's "managed server security program" which we just signed up for 5 days ago. I thought maybe they were blocking this type of activity on the site.

I then looked in the "Groups" screen of the BuddyPress plugin dashboard and it said "no groups are found", however, it still says there are 90 some public groups, 3 private groups, and 2 hidden groups. I clicked on those sub menu options in the plugin dashboard and it still said "no groups found", but the little tickers next to each menu option screen still said 90 some, 3, and 2.

I then downloaded the WordPress 7 update files and manually installed them using FTP. I then was asked, upon visiting the site, to update the database, which I did and it said it was successful.

The problem was still there same as before. I then tried deactivating all the plugins except BuddyPress and Membership and the problem still persisted. No groups found.

Now I am at a loss - any ideas what could be happening??

Thank you in advance for your help.