errors in pagination links in framemarket - marketpress.php

existing code

$content .= '<div class="nav-previous">'.get_next_posts_link( __( '<span class="meta-nav">?</span> Previous', 'framemarket') ).'</div>';
		$content .= '<div class="nav-next">'.get_previous_posts_link( __( 'Next <span class="meta-nav">?</span>', 'framemarket' ) ).'</div>';
		$content .= '</div>';

my correction

$content .= '<div class="nav-previous">'.get_next_posts_link( __( '<span class="meta-nav">?</span> Next', 'framemarket') ).'</div>';
		$content .= '<div class="nav-next">'.get_previous_posts_link( __( 'Previous <span class="meta-nav">?</span>', 'framemarket' ) ).'</div>';


Just while I am catching up with things, I noticed a couple of people wrote about pagination for single store products being back to front in gridmarket. ("previous" instead of "next")
The problem was in the framemarket function above. You can see Next and Previous should be reversed. The links worked, they just had the wrong text on them.

I think the marketpress.php file in Framemarket library needs updating to be in sync with marketpress... eg

The global product function in framemarket "function framemarket_mp_list_global_products"
includes a standard wordpress pagination link which wont work with global products.

Framemarket should be updated to use the global product nav link function

I think this is whats causing some of the pagination confusion using gridmarket