errors showing in dashboard with no settings available

originally i installed "Jobs & Pros" (on another site - NOT one mentioned here) and i activated the "messaging" add-on (which i believe integrates with Private Messaging).
only to realise i did not install Private Messaging plugin hehe.
so i then installed Private Messaging only to realise it was showing errors in admin and no settings were available.
i deactivated, deleted, installed etc. same problem.

so i figured by activating the add on without the plugin may have screwed up something in the database etc.
so i therefore installed (on another clean install/site) Private Messaging first, then Jobs and Pros. but without even going into any add ons etc. i notice the same thing in Private Messaging.

could this be a plugin bug/conflict/host issue ?

a screenshot is attached and "support access" is granted.
kind regards.