Errors trying to use plugin WP Smush Pro

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Sheri Ann!

    Thank you for granting access. I noticed that you posted your message in the text box in on "WPMU DEV -> Support" page in your site's admin area so just to let you know: these messages are not posted anywhere else so they are not submitted to us and we don't see them until we access your site. It's best to post a question here on Support Forum and use that box only in case there are some additional information for us that should be kept private. That's just for future reference though :slight_smile:

    That said, I have accessed your site but it seem that WP Smush Pro is network-enabled already and is working fine. I checked the main site and on "Media -> WP Smush" page I can see that 2085 attachments has been smushed with an overall saving of 1GB.

    Did you mange to get it to work by yourself meanwhile or do I miss something here? Let me know what if I do, please.

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Sheri Ann!

    the images they are complaining about have to do with their own images and some that are part of my theme. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    WP Smush Pro can only process and optimize images that are part of Media Library and - optionally - NextGen gallery plugin. Images that come from external sources (such as images fetched from other sites etc) and those that are parts of plugins and themes can't be currently optimized. Personally, I'm not aware of any other plugin of that kind that could do that :slight_smile:

    Both PageSpeed and Hummingbird will detect those images though so they'll report them to you, letting you know about them. Such images can be optimized "manually": you may download them and edit with some photo editing software or you can download optimized versions from PageSpeed site (there's such option there) and then upload them to the site via FTP overwriting existing ones.

    I have network deactivated Hummingbird as it is scrambling my site. Any help to fix the issue would be appreciated. I liked the plugin but I tried to minify and from then on it scrambled everything. I have no idea how to fix it. I did delete it and reinstall it but the same thing happened again.

    Yes, we can help you with that. Since it's not strictly related issue though, please create a separate topic on this issue only. You may start a new one here:

    Please describe in details in what way Hummingbird is "scrambling" your site. We do not know your site that well as you do so without detailed description we may overlook some issues when working on that. With a detailed list/description of those "scrambled" parts of the site, we should hopefully be able to help you tweak Hummingbird's settings to make it work well.

    If you go into my Hummingbird dashboard and try to activate WP Smush Pro you will still get the error message.

    Since you have disabled Hummingbird due to other issues, please start a separate thread as explained above and once these other issues with Hummingbird are solved, let me know here and I'll then check your site again and knowing that Hummingbird is working fine, I'll be able to further examine that and I'm sure we'll get it to work :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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