Errors Upon Activating WPMU Dev Themes on Dreamhost PS

OK, I'm getting errors upon activating the themes available from here on my sites.

I've tried activating Showcase on a fresh install of the latest Wordpress, and my install procedure was this:

1) create sub domain on dreamhost PS
2) create as a domain
3) Mirror to
4) Install latest WP 3.0.1 using DH's one click install
4.1) Turn off auto update of WP
5) Edit wp-config.php like this:

// define('DB_HOST', '');     // ...and the server MySQL is running on<br />
define('DB_HOST', '');

so that when is ready to go live, i can just change that one line of code and flip the DNS over to my Dreamhost PS
6) Upload placeholder content
7) Experiment with themes
7.1) "Other" themes seem to work. The themes I've tried from wpmudev seem to not work when I get to this step.

The thread that relates to that specific install is here:

The error I get is this:
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/mayyue/ on line 83 looks like the dashboard is working...but i don't want to ride over an error like this. i want the theme activation to be effective, fast, and bug free

I also have another setup that I'll be using in two locations
Dreamhost Private Server
WP 3.0.1
Latest BuddyPress
Currently using the BuddyPress Default theme
Not multi-user

The website is this: and I plan on using a similar setup for and likely a few other sites.

I uploaded the WPMU Dev Studio theme according to the instructions here:

and I get the WSOD as described here:

I'd like to be able use both the WP and the BuddyPress themes.

Can you let me know how to proceed?