Essential Grid and links to pages

I am using a plugin called Essential Grid, and having some trouble with the link path that these are directing too.

as far as i can see the settings page is pointing the correct direction
screenshot -
path -

However when i click on the actual image it shows/directs to a different path
screenshot -
path -

This is the settings screencast -
I thought it might be some kind of settings that is creating another step down but cant find what is causing this. Any help will be appreciated.

is there perhaps a way to force change these via database? (though would prefer to resolve wordpress side) need to find fix even if temp solution at the moment.

I have enabled support Access
Domain link -

Support Access is open for the next 5 days.

Please dont post any brand related information/ screenshots or domain links as i have had issues with google caching this information and linking it to their google searches of my site ... very bad for brand... please use temporary image upload / tiny url / pastebin etc to mask this information.