Essential Security Plugins for Wordpress

There are many security plugins that I see:
- Wordfence
- BulletProofSecurity
- Better WP Security
- WP Security Scan
- Wordpress File Monitor
- Wordpress Exploit Scanner
- Vaultpress
- Limit Login Attempts
- Ultimate Security Checker
- Firewall 2
- AntiVirus
- Theme Authenticity Checker
- Role Scoper
- Audit Trail
- Etc

All that is very confusing. Like everybody, I want my Wordpress to be the most secure, but obviously one cannot install all of them - not even mentioning that they may conflict together, overload the server.

I found an article:

But it is missing a lot of plugins (Wordfence, BulletProofSecurity).

For the benefit of the WPMU community, could someone at WPMU research all of these plugins and make a selection? People want to install the minimum number of plugins and the best plugins, and make sure that security is at its highest degree.

Maybe updating the WPMU article quoted above and making it more complete: adding plugins that are necessary and for the ones that are not necessary saying why/which better plugin does already the job.