Etsy Like Site

Hello Everyone

So I would like to set up a site which is similar to etsy.

I followed the following tutorial

I wonder how I can change settings so that you can see a change on the actual site.

One of the main problems is to create a log in for new users, where they have to fill out a registration and than get code or sth similar via email to log in.

I would like to see how the sites for new users would look like when they signed it.

They should be able to add a banner, edit categories and write a description about the store.

I was able to create a registration tab; when you click on it it asks for username and password or for creating new account. When clicking on creating new account the page does not change.

Also, when I created a new site unter admin, I received an email with a username and a passwort to that site. But 1. The password does not work 2nd I want users to create an account directly on the main page

I hope this is not too confusing

I am fairly new to this so I hope someone can help

Than you very much!