Etsy style checkout

Hi, we are developing our network of shops now and it’s coming along well. We do not use chained payments as each shop owner will accept their own payments, we are doing this on a setup fee plus monthly rental basis.

So we need to figure out how to create an Etsy style checkout page. The way this works is that as products are added to the various carts they are displayed on a shared checkout page, so for example if a product is added from shop 1, on the checkout page the item is listed along with the cart widget for that vendor, when the next product is added from a different vendors shop, this too appears on the shared checkout page along with that vendors cart widget and so it goes on.

Now the buyer will pay for the first item and then be returned back to this shared checkout page to buy the next item they have chosen from a different vendor.

To get a better idea visit and add a few different products from different sellers to your basket and then look at the checkout page – seeing it explains it better than words!

Anyway my question is has anyone achieved this and of so would you share how you did it please.

On reflection and after reading other threads on this subject I should add that I have turned the global cart off. The reason I did this was that with it on it allowed me to enter my own PP API details on the main site but was not allowed to add the api details for the other stores, so when we tested the checkout all payment were coming to me.

If we could figure out how to create a shortcode to each individual cart on each shop and then place them in a page on the main site this might work, the proviso is that the a cart should not display if it has no items added.

many thanks