Event+ Archives not displaying

Hi there,

Experiencing a problem where my archive page does not show the upcoming events. I’ve created 2 events and they show in the sidebar widget and I can click on them and view the event post itself, but not the archive.

When I click ‘override default appearance’ in settings, and view in default or calendar, then the archives show up – however it messes up my theme (moves the sidebar below the listings/calendar). Then, when I change it back to not override the default appearance, it doesn’t show up — I get generic blog posts showing up on the page instead.

I’m working on a site for a client that is not on the domain itself, it’s in a folder on a domain (ie. domain.com/mysite/events) — would this cause the problem?

If you’d like to check my site it’s at: http://orbitstudios.ca/torontomediaclub/events