Event calendar and Store integration feature request

I would LOVE for Marketpress to someday be able to integrate with something like google calendar or the Event Calendar plugin so a store that has both classes people can take as well as products people can buy could do everything in one place easily!! I've had this come up with a couple of client sites, and there's no simple easy way to make that happen on their sites.

They've gotta be able to have some kind of calendar page that shows when the classes are taking place, but then they've gotta be able to sell the classes. So the classes need to show up as a category in the shop as well.

This client has since done something wacky with their workshops page (I worked on this months ago), but one example is http://www.roadlesstraveledstore.com . They gotta enter their classes into the event calendar plugin, but then they have to turn around and enter them as items in the shop, too. With at least 10 classes going on every month, it just takes too long to update.

Thanks in advance!