event+ email RSVP error and Add media error

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1. I need the feature work without wp account, so people can register an event with email only (not sign up and other hassles). Question: How does the plug in actually handle the guest list? Does it actually generate users but we cannnot see on the admin page? It seems they are stored in somewhere else.

What you’re experiencing here is actually how it was designed. Events+ is built on the logic that only registered users will be able to RSVP – that includes social media login and WP logged in users.

The Email RSVP add-on was developed after the fact due to many members requesting the feature :slight_smile: the way this would work with the current foundation of Events+ is if entering that email automatically created a WP user. Which is why you receive the new account wp information when you RSVP by email.

Once that email has been used, it can’t be entered again because the account already exists, so they will need to login to that account to manage their events or use a different email.

I realize that isn’t ideal for some, but it is the best way we can integrate RSVP by email at this time.

If that’s how it is designed, we have to live with that. I understand. But how do we actually solve the problem?

If somebody wants to register to an event, they enter brand new email to attend and this person receive an email notification(then you said wp account is generated behind,right?). If I need to attend another event, I need to sign in, right?

But these email don’t show up on user account list. I used an email address before as an instructor account, I deleted the user, so I assume the email is also deleted. Then I try to register an event with this email. I got the error.

It is clearly somehow the email is still stored in the system. That makes me so confused. if the plug-in has to make a wp-account, that’s okay, but they have to show up on users other wise, we don’t have no way to manage,track or reset password and such if we need to.

And how do I make a different welcome message for new account for “Instructor” and this event+ generated account?

2. (Screenshot 20.jpg) How can I remove the link “Events” and “Add Event(submenu)” from the admin bar. I use Admin Menu Editor pro and customized all the link up there but I cannot control these links (because it might be control by the plug in???)

You can add this CSS to get rid of that admin bar menu item:

#wp-admin-bar-eab-events-fpe-admin_bar {

display: none;


Thank you for providing css. It worked like a magic!

It looks like you don’t allow subscribers to upload files, so that could be the issue here. You can change that in your Users > User Role Editor plugin :slight_smile:

It is odd that it would allow you to upload from the backend though, is the user a “subscriber” role or which user is it?

No. it is on “Instructor” account. I never used subscriber account.

Like my screen shot, file upload is allowed. But still it gives me the error when I upload from the front end.

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