Event planning plugin(s)?

Hi, I run an WP MS network that hosts sites for events across the country. There are attendees, exhibitors, event sponsors, and presenters. The MS network is setup like this: city.eventname.com.

Is there a good plugin or plugins to help me manage my exhibitors, sponsors, tickets, etc?

  • drewsaysgoveg

    Interesting. I wonder if Membership would fill the need for event exhibitor/sponsors. Does the Membership plugin allow me to set some options? Eg I imagine there'd be 4 user levels:

    * Unregistered Attendee - no account, can view various pages
    * Registered VIP Attendee (Voluntary $ contributor) - can view same pages as Unregistered Attendee + a VIP page or pages
    * Exhibitor - 3 types
    ** Non-prof
    ** Commercial
    ** Food
    * Sponsor
    ** Gold
    ** Silver
    ** Bronze

    each exhibitor/sponsor can opt for various additional services like "table provided" or "electricity" provided, which each have an associated cost

    Membership time period will be one year because the event is annual.

    Does that make sense? Does the Membership plugin allow me to have checkboxes for additional options for user levels (eg exhibitor/sponsor)?