Event Reg Page & RSVP Options changes

Hi Folks:

I have some urgent client changes to the Events plugins: I've tried to read through everything on the plugin so far, but may have missed it if these were already mentioned.

the site is here: http://few.modernmediajapan.com/

1. I need to change the order of the Single Page Event RSVP options, to:
Login with FEW
Login with Facebook

and no Twitter at all.
Also, how do I change the font and background colors of each option?

2. In an earlier version of the plugin, there was explanatory copy once a person clicked one of the RSVP options, but it seems to have gone away: how do I reinstate it and also where do I edit the copy (i.e., 'We're sorry you won't be able to make it' as the response to someone clicking 'No').

3. Right now, events show up in green and are all in one category on the Events page. I need to change that green to red with white text. And, I need to add a different category with a different color, so members who look at the Events page can see at a glance which are official events and which are non-official events. How do I do that?

4. Separate Events Registration page: I need to create a different Registration page from the one that the 'Login with FEW' option goes to now, because that is the FEWMembership page, and it will have lots of additional fields that aren't relevant. So, in other words, if someone chooses 'Login with FEW', they go to the Registration page. If they're already a member, that's great: they'll login and finish the process. But, if they're not already a Member, clicking the Register page takes them to regular Membership registration. How should I create a separate page that will allow the person to register on the site with just a name and email address, and change the links so the Registration page has something like this:

Register for an Event I Lost your password?
Register to Become a Member I Lost your password? (this would be the normal BuddyPress Registration page)

Looking forward to getting these solved and launching the site very shortly.