Event text not showing correctly formatted

The text in the event box that uses dot points is not showing up in the final list.

See https://www.publicaffairsjobs.com.au/wpmu-issues-page/ for the pdf with the issue shown via screenshots.

Also how do you code in events for a space? The space before the Presenter line is not showing.


  • Karen
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    Thanks Joseph.

    Ari - thanks.

    The page I linked to has the pdf's associated with all the issues currently on the go with WPMU threads.(the title has the issue in it).

    For each post I make, I create a pdf so you can see the screenshots. For some reason my screenshot documents are far too large for the WMPU system so I create them and place them on that page so you and your colleagues can easily find them.

    The title of the doc on that page relates to the issue.

    In this case the pdf is called "140207 Issue with text not showing in events"
    (To explain: the first figure is the date of the post in YYMMD format ie 2014/02/07 (this YYMMDD format is so it lists the file in date order in my files so it is found easily).

    The pdf is done so the issue is clearly seen via screenshots - and backed up by the post.

    Further Explanation/s for:

    The text in the event box that uses dot points is not showing up in the final list.

    If you have bullet points (eg in our case a list of topic areas covered during the course) in the text for an event - they DO NOT SHOW UP in the final event listing. Why not?

    Also how do you code in events for a space? The space before the Presenter line is not showing.

    When I enter the event text in the text box, I have spaces between lines. These DO NOT SHOW UP in the final event text. Why not? How can I force a line space to occur - %nbsp doesn't seem to do it, yet as I understand it that is supposed to make a break.

    So text ends up (a) squashed up under the location/cost lines of the event and (b) in the case of some of them, lines are missing.

    A third issue I just noticed - with the new way of entering event (liked the old way much better), I am finding the event address is just text all run together.

    See the WPMU Issues page on the site - and one of the docs will have today's date and is called 140207 Issue with Event Address text.

    (I can't directly link to the pdf so this is the only way I can do it - ie get you to the page).

    To make it clearer I have added the following text against the document:

    140210 Issue with Event Address text - Ari this is the one to look at for today's additional issue.
    140207 Issue with text not showing in events - Ari this is the original document to look at.

    Not sure how to make it any clearer. Let me know if that helped or not.


  • Karen
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    I think I accidentally posted twice - so Jack answered my other thread - https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/event-text-not-showing-correctly-formatted-1?replies=3#post-605121 for one question but I directed him back to here as they should be on the one thread. If not, I guess he'll leave the other thread open.

    He is checking the dot point issue (he wondered if it applied to blogs as well and I just tested it and no blogs are OK. Only events don't show bullet points. FYI.


  • aristath
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    The issue of the bullet points NOT showing when put in EVENTS is still not sorted.

    Could you please post a link to an event on your site where this happens so that I may see what is going on exactly?
    It would also be useful if you could grant me access to your dashboard so that I may check if there's something wrong there.
    To do so, from your dashboard go to WPMUDEV => Support => Support Access and click on the "Grant access" button.


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