Event+ Upcoming Events widget issues

Following the confusing (my bad, sorry) post at http://tinyurl.com/dy7pbv2, I'm opening a new thread about an issue with the Event+ Widget.

A widget showing a list of posts' content (in this case, the event's custom post), should show the whole content of the event.

The content must either truncated, looking for the "<!--more-->" tag, taking the first "n" words or, even better, using the Excerpt field.
Currently, Event+ doesn't even handle the Excerpt field and the reason is still unknown.

I've tried to play with the 'widget_text' filter, but it looks like the Upcoming Events widget is not using or is bypassing this filter.

At the line #46 of Upcoming_Widget.class.php I see that:

$excerpt = $_event->get_excerpt() ? $_event->get_excerpt() : substr(strip_tags($_event->get_content()), 0, 250);

This piece of code looks quite interesting as it seems that the plugin actually tried to get first and excerpt (even though his not handled), then it get the contents, strips all tags and trim it to the first 250 characters.

Both $_event->get_excerpt() and $_event->get_content() methods simply get the value on the database, without applying filters.

This really needs to be improved and for this I've opened an idea in User Voice (please vote!): http://wpmudev.uservoice.com/forums/148158-wpmu-dev-new-development-requests/suggestions/2772774-event-widget-needs-some-reworking

However, I wonder if I maybe have missed something and if there is a way, without editing the Event+ code, to actually apply filters to the widget.

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    Hi sciamannikoo,

    As we discussed before, currently excerpts in Popular Events widget is disabled. So this is a feature request.

    I don't see any reason that it can't be selectable from Admin side.

    In fact, Events+ has too less settings for such an extensive plugin. Let's make it complex for you :stuck_out_tongue:

    Just kidding, I support your request :slight_smile:

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