Event with Multiple Occurances

Let me first explain how our "events" work. We do training classes on a recurring, but irregular schedule, so there are ~10 classes each may have 4-5 instances a year.

For example "Training A" will occur on the following dates 5/21, 7/20, 9/14 and "Training B" will happen on 6/2, 7/21.

What I would like to do is make the "event" once, and just create instances for each date. IE, create "Training A", set the price, description, seat limit etc. Then tell Events+ that this will happen on 5/21, 7/20 and 9/14 so that somebody can buy a ticket for any of the dates (as long as they're in the future).

Is this possible somehow and I've just missed a config option, or is it in the works at all? I'd rather not have to create a whole new event just for each date, its a lot of overhead for the individual managing the site and error prone.