Events+ add-on's for specific tickets

Setting up a site for a friend in Canada, they are holding an event - there will be a range of ticket options including; vendors, VIP pass, meet & greet, general admission (two days or a single day) but also workshops.
We need people able to buy all of above, but the workshop tickets need to have the general admission tickets for the respective days in order to gain access to the area of which it all takes place (there's 11 workshops over the two days).
I was looking at Events+ and I have that already installed, but there's no way to only sell the tickets for the workshops once they have bought their general admission tickets.
Is there another plugin that could be used for this, or any way of being able to do this?

The only way I can see of doing it is to have CLEAR instructions and list all the tickets on the one page, like is done with Events+

  • Kimberly

    Hello graphicandweb

    After looking around a bit I see that you may have a couple of options. I've not fully vetted them out, but here is what I'm thinking.

    You can a) use Membership to control the registrations (using the Free Gateway) and protect the pages that contain the Event Info for the workshops. When someone buys a ticket to Event A they can then see workshops for Event A.

    or you can b) use something like e-newsletter to share links once they have signed up and purchased their tickets to send them links to workshop tickets that are not directly linked on the site from your Event ticket listings.

    I believe there is an e-newsletter add-on, as well as a membership add-on. The membership allows you to create an exempt ticket status for certain members.

    I think the Membership option might be worth checking out



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