Events and Bookings with Membership plugin

Hi there,

I'm just new here in WPMUDev. I just tried a month membership and if all goes great I'll go for 1 year.
The plugin is good so far because I am able to use it as i want to add events on my site.

But what I'm trying to do now is to connect it with your Membership plugin here.
I would like to have a paid membership with monthly subscription but they can join every event that i place on that month for free.
but if they are not a paid member. They will have to pay for the event the way it is normally costs like $30 or something.

so to some it up>>
Paid Member >> gets free event to join
Non-Paid Member >> get to pay the event to join it.

Thanks and I'm looking forward for someone to help or give me some tips. Have a great day!