Events + and Communities Plugin Issues

I am having issues with multiple plugins (Events+ and Communities)

1. When I am on the single event page I click "October" or "2016" and it takes me to the same default archive page. I saw in the backend you can over ride this but non of the Plugin options worked properly. I want it so when you click "2016" it shows all events for 2016 or when you click" October" it shows all the events for October - basically the way the same way it would work on a blog and the way I would have assumed this should work….here is a link to the page as you can see there is the but it obviously doesn't work properly. And I would like it to have the default headers/footer.

2. The Wiki section of the website/communities plugin isn't working properly. When I click the message board it has the breadcrumb but there is no message.

Here is a link to a dropbox with some screenshots to possibly help with clarification.