Events + and eNewsletter E-mail body


1) We have integrated eNewsletter with Events +.
Newsletters get send okay, but we would like to change how the {EMAIL_BODY} is displayed.
It now shows an excerpt of the event and below that a link to the event containing the event title. Above the excerpt there is some whit space. We would like to display the event title on that spot with a larger font size and also linking to the event.

I think you can take a look at this link.

2) When we don't check "Use this newsletter as template and expand macros with the event data" we just get to see the newsletter template and nothing from the event. So we check it :slight_smile:
But, I don't understand this option because of that.... In our case it should always be checked or can macros be hard coded into the template? If so, do you have some examples for me?