Events+ and Gravity Forms / Front-End Posting with additional fields / Buddypress

I am aware that Events+ comes with front-end posting/editing capabilities. However, since I require additional taxonomies to go together with an event posting, I would like to use Gravity Forms for front-end submission.

I kind of got it working with all my taxonomies etc, also hiding stuff from the user using a “hidden” custom post field.

However, one problem remains:

After submission, everything is created properly, except for the Buddypress Activity entry link (“user has created a new event”:wink:, which, instead of linking to site/year of event/month of event/title links to site/year of creation/month of creation/title. So if an event takes place in June but is created today, it links to site/2013/4/title instead of site/2013/6/title. The event link itself (in archives, etc) is correct, only the link Buddypress Activity stream contains the wrong link…

Any ideas how to:

– fix this

– purge the /year/month/ from the link completely and replace it by a custom permalink structure, eg /site/event/by/user/title, which would be what I prefer…