Events+ and Membership

I'm hoping to find some help or make the suggestion that allows Membership to filter Events+ events as well.
I'm organizing a convention and this appears to be the best way I can find to manage the show. I found the rules code, but can't quite get it to line up right and was hoping it could be a quick item for someone familiar with the code.

  • nate_petersen
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    I have a new rule constructed, finds the Events categories just fine, but will not save the settings? Any thoughts on what could be missing? I copied the Categories rule code for the normal site and replaced the pertinent names, post types, and taxonomies to match the Events.

  • nate_petersen
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    Or not :slight_frown:
    Anyone able to take a look at a membership add on? Wrote it up as an add on, admin section recognizes it just fine, used the code in membership to restrict basic category access and tweaked to restrict event category recognizes that categories are permitted or restricted, but the query isn't returning any events when the filters are on. Can provide the code or if anyone knows why its not returning events that'd be a big help!

  • nate_petersen
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    Timothy - I'm looking to restrict access to some of the Events+ events; the idea in general is using Membership to sell a basic ticket to a convention, then using the Events+ to allow registration from there for particular events on particular days; this allows me to designate events as say "Saturday Events", "Sunday Events", and "Two-Day Events". A Saturday pass allows access to all Saturday and Two Day events, while a Sunday pass all Sunday and Two-Day events, and a Two-Day Pass access to everything. In this way, my event hosts can schedule their own events and simply put it in the proper category(ies) and have the tickets register that right away instead of having to, I assume, register each event separately in the URL groups.

  • nate_petersen
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    Attached is the file; this is simply added to the "addons" in Membership's directory.
    It pulls event categories for the admin fine, but when you load the events itself it automatically blocks or allows everything. Near as I can tell, it never processes the categories, the "get_terms" trigger never fires. I wager this is something to do with Events+; any ideas?

  • Timothy Bowers
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    Hey there.

    As this was in the feature request area it wasn't being seen as a support ticket. I've now moved it into the plugins area.

    Are you still needing help with this or did you get it sorted?

    If you do then please reopen this as unresolved and provide details of where you are it currently.


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