Events+ and Series of Workshops

We are running a series of 4 workshops across two days (am/pm and am/pm).

We are using the RECURRING event feature.

When the fee is that the fee for ONE workshop or ALL four?

I was thinking RECURRING was eg for a course you ran each Monday say. The cost would be the same for that course.

We tested our Series (one four hour workshop on Day 1 in the am, another in the pm, a second date with a four hour am and four hour pm workshop).

Should we be using RECURRING for this or something else?

FYI If all are booked together it is a reduced price. Some people might want to book just one session which attracts a separate price. Can Events+ handle that scenario?

I understand that there are some issues with Recurring Events feature. (see link below to another post).

PS I alluded to this issue on

  • be

    Oh dear Hope not..

    Can I just confirm.
    When you say recurring #1-4
    Are they listed separately..
    ie I can book #1or #3 etc
    I can book
    the series

    If you have set up as (1-4) that is what they will be paying for ie a group of events.. But they cannot source either 1 or 2 etc..

    Because if they are separate and joined events its my understanding they will need to be setup as such..
    (I know some folks integrate with Market press - I have not had that experience so cannot comment except to say my initial testing was a no go for our use.)

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Karen,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    I've checked your site and your using the multi-part event where you use the "Add another date to this event" button.

    This means that the event even being multi-part is all paid for in one instance.

    If you was using recurring events, it'd repeat on the same time every week or as set and that would be separate :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Karen


    Many thanks for that response.

    So I think I have it set up correctly - in this case of a 4-in-the-series event for people to book all four at the one time...which is what I wanted to achieve.

    They can/shouldn't be separated - but there is always someone who wants to go to just one. It helps to know that that is not possible listing it this way.

    Helping Others Use Events+
    I just looked at the information on the right when you list an event - and the difference between "multi-part' and "recurring" isn't very clear.

    Developer suggestion: Could that be made clearer about what they mean? One of those info dots would help the user.


    Thanks again.

  • Karen


    I have been going into events to edit and update the info.

    AGAIN - with the bloody recurring events, they are REVERTING to LISTING THE EVENT on the LATTER DATE....instead of the EARLIEST.

    It is crazy.


    It is very frustrating

    1. I have 2 workshops on 17 March and two on 24 March - Why won't they just STAY PUT and LIST IN DATE ORDER?

    I changed the 24th courses to 17th (so all four workshops were on the 17th) and then the last two back to 24th - and it ALL ends up listed on 24 March.
    I changed 17 to 10 March (leaving 24th as is) - and it will list it on 10th. (I did this before and it later lists it back at 24th if you open it and amend the text in any way.)
    I then change the above 10th BACK TO 17th AND IT WILL ONLY LIST IT AGAINST 24th in DATE ORDER


    This mucking around is driving me nuts. PLEASE STOP THEM MOVING AROUND!!!!!!

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Karen,

    I've taken a look at this and it looks like all events are appearing correct now?

    I couldn't see any recurring events, I could see multi-part events, which are different to recurring events in how the plugin handles them, please advise if there is a recurring event :slight_smile:

    So when you edit a multi-part event, it shows in the event list and on the event the latest date first?


    Kind Regards

  • Karen


    Sorry - you are right that I was talking about the multi-part event (17 and 24 March)..not recurring.

    The issue still remains that - as soon as you access a multi-part event and change ANY of the dates - or text I discovered - , it will only show the event occurring in date order at the LAST (ie 24March) date.

    So if I have them all set up correctly and showing correctly as I now do...and I (a) open the event and change any of the text (not the dates) it will then list the multi-part event starting on the latter date ie 24 March not 17 March.

    (b) I then have to amend the dates and change them back so that they appear under 17 March again.

    That to me is a BUG. (It doesn't matter if you change text or dates it automatically lists them

    So when you edit a multi-part event, it shows in the event list and on the event the latest date first? shows on the event list at the last date. (in the case above instead of showing on the 17th when the first part of the multi-part commences, it shows it on 24 March when the third and fourth parts are scheduled. So if someone was looking in the list to see what was on, on the 16-18 March it would not appear. Only when they get to 24th March does the 17 & 24 March multi-part event show. shows correctly on the calendar.

    I haven't tried four different dates to see what happens eg instead of 17 March am, 17 March pm, 24 March am and 24 March pm workshops - each had a different date...sorry I don't have time to test it.

  • Karen


    Thanks for checking.

    I found the reason I keep calling multi-part courses "recurring" is because that is what is at the top of the area you add the date. It is only listed as recurring or standard - there is no mention of multi-part nor is it clear which would be that.

    "Recurring" to the novice mean events that occur over and over again.

    It should be a simple matter to use recurrring to add new dates (separate dates with separate prices).

    A multi-part course should perhaps be called just that.

    The names on the plug-in do not reflect what you are saying above.

    FYI in the interests of clarity.

    PS I have now broken the courses into day seemed easier to do it that way. FYI.

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