Events automatically end & archive after a few hours

The events my client’s users are creating are ticket based and do not occur at a specific time, nor do they end until all tickets have been purchased. Milan Savaliya on your staff previously created a custom extension for me to remove the end time (Thank you Milan :slight_smile: ).

However, after the WP update, the extension started causing some quirks in the event posting and editing functionality, so I have disabled it. Events may be created no problem, but now the events automatically end and change to “archived” after just a few hours. I’m also seeing some issues with the date and time format.

1) Has anyone created a way to disable the date and time option all together yet?

2) Is there a way to disable just the time?

If not, can Milan, or someone possibly look at the extension in my plugins and get it back to working status?

My clients users aren’t technically savvy whatsoever, so I’m just trying to make the interface as simple possible. Otherwise, I fear my client will lose users rapidly, and obviously, that’s not good for him, or I.

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile: