Events Calendar dates revering to 01/01/1970….

I setup a test event first with a date set for some time this month. And that worked fine the date held and all was well.

I setup something else for maybe 2010 and when it was saved and I went back. It was set to 01/01/1970.

I tired to repeatedly change the date and it would always revert back to that 1970 date.

ALL new events also revert back to that date….

Any suggestions or advise is welcome!

Right now I had to deactivate Events+ and I’m using another events calendar until this can be resolved.


When you try to change the date range on an event that has set it’s self to 1970 tha date range only goes up to 1980! And only allows you to go back to 1960.

So a 20 year range!

Seems the event calendar is stuck in the disco era! I’m still stuck in the 60’s the mom’s and the pop’s…