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Hi there,

I have trouble with the calendar navigation where the links navigation not working. On other testsites all works fine.

This site uses Cornerstone X theme, and this might be the problem..??

All links appears ok, and work if I right click and ‘open in..’, but with left click it missing the ‘?date=’ part of the link.

The issue can be tested at https://www.bergenhundeskole.no/test-pamelding/

Any idea?

yf Espen

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi espsjurs

    Hope you are doing good today.

    I see that on your site navigation links are generate correct but google chrome console does not generate any error message. I could not replicate this on my side.

    This issue could be a plugin conflict. Would you please run a conflict test? Please deactivate all plugins except Events + and check if the problem gone. If so, then enable all plugins one by one and find which one is having conflict. If there is no positive result, switch to default WordPress theme like 2017 and see if it works.

    Please inform us about the results of this test, also please make sure to create full site backup before this test.

    Kind Regards,


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