Events+ cancelling and deleting attendance is clunky/not working

Hi guys,

Just a quick report on some Events+ functionality. I have it linked to Marketpress and when you delete the order via Marketpress it still says the person has paid in Events+ and I couldn’t see an option to class the order as refunded so I just deleted it.

Also when I try and delete said order from the attending list I can’t. I deleted a few others, possibly test users I used and had not paid. There is another attendee with no info that hasn’t paid that I cannot cancel or delete. The whole cancelling/deleting thing seems to be a bit hit or miss.

On the front end the attendees where in one column, I fixed by simply adding:

.eab-guest-list li {
float: left;

to the stylesheet.

Probably theme related but I noticed when I click on someone who has rsvp’d on the front end that it tries to take me to an /author/username/ page which results in a 404. But what would be good is the ability to control this. I would like to have the option to remove the rsvp section completely and control what the user image links to etc.

Thought I’d quickly put this out there in case anything is taken on board for updates.