[Events +] Cannot delete test event payment/RSVP Events+/MarketPress

Me again :slight_smile:
Having almost successfully testing buying a ticket using Events+ and MarketPress (I got a 404 on return from PayFast), I went to delete the test payments and cancel the RSVP on the event so I can start again.

Unfortunately it is still saying I have paid and I cannot do my usual "cancel attendance entirely".


  • Arthur

    Hi Ash,
    Yes, that's what I have been doing - my problem is it's not working!

    I've just looked again and for my latest test, which used the Facebook login to create a new account (cool feature btw) to complete the booking, I was able to delete the attendance. But for the two other test RSVPs, the link does nothing.

    I had previously used the function in your screenshot to delete bookings made using the admin account but now it doesn't work.

    Could it be because of the payment? It seems to be happening now I've implemented PayFast. Although I cannot delete the test booking presumably made by you on my other ticket on the 404 either.

    In passing, given the separation with the payment gateway, I am assuming that if someone cancels and asks for a refund, the two have to be dealt with separately - refund via PayFast and manual cancellation (once we've fixed it!) on the website. Is that right? Not that I'm anticipating any cancellations at our fantastic event, of course :wink:


  • Arthur

    Thanks Ash!

    The delete function is also necessary for testing. Without it I wouldn't have found the 404 in the first place! Of course you will no doubt say that I shouldn't be testing on a live site, but we would ideally need some way to clear out test data either way, to avoid the test db filling up - and to run multiple tests without manually dropping the db table(s) every time!

    I presume I can (safely!) delete assistance in the database, because it will look very odd to have the host company showing up in the RSVPs!! Anything I should bear in mind?

    Appreciate the confirmation on the last point.


  • Ash

    Hello Arthur

    If you edit a little plugin code, you can have delete functionality. Please go to /wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/lib/class_eab_event_model.php and remove line 1089 and 1098. That is the following line:

    if ($this->is_premium() && $this->user_paid()) return false; // Can't edit attendance for paid premium events

    You should be able to delete the paid attendees by then :slight_smile:

    Have a nice day!