Events+ can't click links or going buttons

OK ... I have Events+ installed on a site of mine that's using the BuddyBoss theme (its a super simplistic theme with little to get in the way of plugins or user understanding).

I have installed Events+ and it's working yay, including the form where you can enter stuff from the website, not the admin backend.

Anyway ... I added an event, very cool, it worked! I go to the events calendar, go to June where the event is, and yay it's there. I click on it to see more ... and ... nothing. It's not clickable.

Out of frustration, I right click the event name in the calendar and choose "Open" from the windows menu that comes up and poof ... the event's page opens!

Wow ok so here I am, I click on the "I'm Attending" button ... nothing ... I click on the other buttons, not attending, maybe attending ... nothing, nor when I right click, they just wont work.

So, what is either wrong with the plugin, wrong with me, or wrong with my installation? I've read up on the forums here but can't find this issue, so I have to assume it's me. What am I doing wrong?


(Groovy cool plugin btw!)