Events+ causing huge increase in site load time

I think the image says almost everything, aside from the very important fact that this site isn't even live yet. Therefore, there aren't any users RSVPing, buying tickets or posting any events. There is only one active event set up as a test, and I wasn't running any activity tests on it, nor are its tickets available to purchase.
Do you know what's going on with Events+ to cause it to run like this in the backend?

Also, is the "/?s" a Memberships query?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ashley and than you for your question!

    This indeed seems like a huge impact but I'd say that may be a bit misleading. There's an 81 MySQL queries per visit on average which is not many at all if you take into account the fact that there's twenty one plugins active on site. My guess here would be that the server resources are pretty low. This may be caused either by "hard limits" (often very low in "shared-hosting" environments) or by PHP/WordPress specific configuration.

    That's another issue then that I'd like to take a closer look at. The site is still not available though due to the server side error (see my response here please).

    Additionally, you may want to first disable all the plugins by accessing your site via FTP, going to "/wp-content/" folder and renaming "plugins" folder to e.g. "". This will disable plugins and significantly lower the site load. I could then take a look at PHP/WordPress setup.

    Best regards,

  • Ashley

    Haha, yea, thankfully I was only testing a few plugins so I'm down to 14 now :wink: I think since this and the site's server issue (whatever that was) happened within a short time period of each other, I'd be okay with saying they were more than likely related? Point is though, it's fixed! I just ran a test and everything is in perfect working condition. Thanks for the time you put into replying :slight_smile:

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