Events+ create bundle sale

I'm selling events through the Marketpress and would like to create a bundle product, to sell for $100 10 events only. How can this be achieved?

  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hi Phil ,

    This requires some custom coding, which exceeds the scope of support, and depending on what you have in mind it can get really complex to achieve. I can only suggest the way I think is more efficient and also provide a sample snippet which you can use as a guide and hopefully it will be close to what you need to accomplish.

    What I have in mind is first to use the MarketPress add-on of Events plugin (you need to install and activate MarketPress too).

    Then you can download the mu-plugin with the sample snippet from here :
    You'll need to unzip and upload the php file to you wp-content/mu-plugins folder. If that folder doesn't exist you can simply create it.

    Create a new product for each bundle you need to give out in a single purchase. With the mu-plugin provided here, you should see a new metabox in each product page in admin with title Events lists in bundle. That metabox contains the list of open events. You need to choose all the events you want to include in that specific bundle.

    When a user purchases that product, once he pays, he will be added as attendant to the product's events. In case the events are recurring, it will add the attendant to the closest upcoming instance.

    If you agree with this way, I would strongly recommend to first try it out on a testing/staging site.

    I hope this is close to what you need. Please let me know if some of the above steps are not clear.

    Kind regards!

  • Phil
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Panos

    Its close yes, but as you say its a little more complex than that.
    I will think through some alternative ways to position the service I want to give and in the meantime add a feature request with some more details.

  • Phil
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Panos,

    Would an alternative approach be as follows:

    Create a 100% discount (or $off=to price) Coupon to be used X times before X date for a subcategory of Events such as "classes", then issue this coupon to a user who pays for a "Class Pass".

    Example, $100 for 10 classes would mean getting a coupon off for 100% off for 10 uses, or $10 off each class priced at $10 used before x date.

    If you agree this approach may work then a product could be created for the sale and then the user issued manually with the required coupon.

    Your thoughts please? Thank you.

  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hi Phil ,

    In case you want to use coupons you don't need any custom code, it can be done by selecting a product category in the Coupon admin page, for which the coupon(s) will apply to.

    Here is how you can try it:

    1. Activate the MarketPress add-on from Events settings
    2. Create specific Product categories. Only Products that have these categories will be getting the coupon discount
    3. Created the Products you need for your Events and make sure you choose the appropriate Product categories.
    4. Create/Edit you Events, mark them as Paid and choose the appropriate Product from the dropdown.
    5. Create your Coupon(s). In the Category section of the coupon, choose the category that you created earlier.

    Now each time an event is added to cart, if it's product has one of the above categories, it should get the coupon discount (100%).

    Please let me know if this is not clear or if I'm missing something.

    Kind regards!

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