Events+ Custom Fields

I need to be able to let my users register for an event using a form. I do not want to force them to login or register for my wordpress blog/facebook/twitter.

How do I do this as it's a pretty basic functionality?

Moreover I read(and this is why I donwloaded your plugin) that events+ supports variable amounts. That is it supports events for fundraisers that may or may not be free alowing users to say how much they will donate.


  • Patrick

    Hiya @benja123

    Welcome to the forums!

    How do I do this as it's a pretty basic functionality?

    Unfortunately, it's not so basic. This plugin uses the standard WordPress registration/login process (or login via Facebook/Twitter) to fetch the user data it needs to confirm, log and display who is attending, etc.

    And there is no direct integration of Events+ with Fundraising either.

    However, Events+ does integrate with MarketPress, so you could create "products" at different prices for the same event, and allow your users to choose the price they wish to pay. That might work as an alternative.

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