Events+ Dates issue and Widget filtering


I'm sure there was already a post about this issue, probably even made by me, but I can't find it (the new forum is nice, but the search feature is still quite useless).

Anyway, please take a look here:

In the middle column, you get two list of events.

:: First issue

The first one (In evidenza), is supposed to get only specific events (for now, the ones in the "Featured" category).

The second one is supposed to show all the other ones (so, all, except the "Featured" ones): this is not possible.
The new Events+ version provides ways to filter events, but before this version I had made a custom widget with a lot more options.
I've also provided the code to the WPMUDEV team, but it has been clearly ignored.
This customization had also the option to EXCLUDE one or more taxonomy term.

:: Second Issue

In the same page, you can see that all events start and ends at "00:00".
Well, these are events WITOUT a starting or ending time, so why the widget keeps showing it?


The Events+ plugin had a lost of issue and the last update only addressed few and I must say that these few have been addressed poorly.
Since then, no feedback has been provided about it.
It looks like the developing has been dropped.

I know you were busy with the redesign of the site, but because of that, you've also put aside the most important part of your job: providing support for plugins and themes.

Isn't time to provide some update to your users?
As I've stated in one of my previous posts, I'm still hanging for weeks for updates about other issues.

So, to make it short: there is still anyone there?