Events+ db error in event detail page

I’m getting the following db error at the bottom of my page when viewing an event detail page:

WordPress database error Table ‘vs405498_3.wp_eab_booking_meta’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT meta_value FROM wp_eab_booking_meta WHERE booking_id = 1 AND meta_key = ‘booking_transaction_key’; made by require(‘E:inetpubvs239247sslwp-blog-header.php’:wink:, require_once(‘E:inetpubvs239247sslwp-includestemplate-loader.php’:wink:, include(‘E:inetpubvs239247sslwp-contentpluginsevents-and-bookingsdefault-templatesdefaultsingle-incsub_event.php’:wink:, Eab_EventModel->user_paid, Eab_EventModel->get_booking_paid, Eab_EventModel::get_booking_meta

In addition to this error, manual payment records/submissions are not being registered.

Plugin version: 1.5.3

WP version: 3.5.1 multisite

Theme: Twenty Twelve

Browser: IE9

Server: Win2003 IIS6

PHP: 5.3.2

MySQL: 5.1